5 tips how to sell a house fast by owner in Houston

Ben Naumann

Ben Naumann

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Homeowners who need to list their properties for sale in Houston can be in for a long haul since such expensive transactions are generally not finalized overnight. While the nature of real estate sales typically involves a lengthy process, we suggest a few things sellers should do to help expedite the sale and quickly seal a deal.


When should I sell a house quickly?

Selling a house is sometimes not so easy. With the supply of homes for sale and the ease with which buyers today can find out about homes in an area, it is not enough to hang the “for sale” sign. However, there are times when a homeowner must deal with the sale of their home.

Foreclosure of a house

As a result of the real estate crisis, many mortgagors cannot meet their mortgage payments, which leads credit institutions to initiate foreclosure proceedings to enforce the guarantee.

Alternatively, the borrower may sell the mortgaged property to satisfy the debt owed to the bank. However, one of the main problems we face is that loans were granted above the appraised value, which means that, with a possible sale, the total amount of the capital loaned or owed at the time of the deal, as the case may be, is not covered.

The house was inherited

In the real estate sector, one of the reasons for selling real estate is inheritance. There are no disputes between these heirs when a relative dies and more than one heir. It is decided who will keep the house. In the case of having only one property in inheritance, the most sensible thing is that the heirs opt for the sale of the property and share the proceeds.


One of the things to be settled in a divorce proceeding is what happens to the house. Commonly, the couple has joint ownership of one or several homes. In the event of separation or divorce, a decision must be made about that property. In most cases, it is decided to sell the property.

When there is a divorce, they can follow a conventional sale process if the couple decides to sell the house in common. They will only have to agree on aspects such as the selling price of the home, the management of the necessary documents for sale, the reception of the visits, etc.

Damage after flooding

Water damage is often one of the most extensive and costly damages any home can experience. Unfortunately, flooding is also the most frequent natural disaster in the U.S., Which means many homeowners are at some degree of risk.

Flooding is one reason many people decide to sell their homes because they prefer to move to safer areas. In addition, the cost of flood damage to the house is a burdensome expense to afford.

After the house fire

Fire damage can easily disrupt electrical systems, plumbing, insulation, and foundations. For this reason, after a home suffers a fire, its owner will most likely want to sell it quickly.

Once a fire occurs in a house, inhabitants prefer to sell it to fear a similar event. Likewise, people like to sell a house that suffered fire damage to have more peace of mind and not spend money on repairing this house. Therefore, in the face of these events, people prefer to sell their homes and buy a new one in another location.

Urgent relocation

Due to multiple life situations, many people need to move to other areas urgently, either for work, studies, or family matters. In these situations, the houses are usually sold with some discounts due to their speed to make the sale.

Best Ways to Sell Your Home Fast

While it is true that most properties sell in Houston, it depends on many factors how fast it happens. We can find homes that sell by themselves and without effort or, on the contrary, homes that do not sell so quickly.

If you plan to put your house up for sale, we will give you some tricks to sell it quickly.

1 way: Request all offers to fast buy a home for cash

Selling a house in cash will allow you to benefit from the proceeds immediately. The buyer will be able to have the property without the need to go through the procedures of a mortgage loan and wait for many years. This could allow you to carry out a better negotiation, which benefits both parties.

Average sale time:

If you want to sell your house fast, you need to know cash home sales are faster. So the process takes less than 7 days. However, most offers to buy a house are made on credit, so a sound price reduction must be made to sell it for cash faster.

The benefit compared to classic sales:

By selling a house in cash, you have multiple benefits. For example, you do not pay interest or commissions, get a better purchase price, move into the house faster, and reduce deed costs.

Expert advice:

Experts advise that to sell your house quickly, make a discount to the home’s market price. This way, it will be a better offer for buyers. The owner of a real estate property who seeks to sell it in the shortest possible time should be aware of its characteristics and the environment in which the operation takes place.

2 way: find the best realtor in Houston

Suppose you need to sell or buy a property in Houston. Suppose you don’t have time to look for the property you need. In that case, you prefer to delegate everything related to legal procedures to someone else. Choosing a real estate agent that suits what you are looking for and what you need is starting to cross your mind. You can find the best realtor in the house:

Seek recommendations

It’s the first step. Among your circle of friends and acquaintances, there may be someone who has worked with an excellent real estate agent who will not hesitate to recommend them highly. It’s the start, but it’s not the only thing you should base your decision on.

Confirm their credentials

Ideally, it would be best if you chose to work with a professional, certified real estate consultant. This is not just someone who will sell your property or help you find a property. Instead, the real estate consultant fulfills a series of functions that go beyond just showing properties.

Average sale time:

Once you find a buyer through a real estate agent, the estimated time the process takes is between 10 and 20 days.

The real estate agent can offer you great benefits and valuable tools, which will significantly speed up the buying process, selling your house in 3 months or less.


Hiring a real estate agent can be a bit more expensive. However, real estate agencies in Houston have a portfolio of clients to find your potential buyers and help you set a reasonable price according to the market price.

Expert advice:

Experts recommend that if you do not have experience in the real estate market or do not have free time to invest in the selling process, it is advisable to consider hiring the services of a real estate agency or agent. However, this has a higher cost, even though homeowners do not pay all the expenses. Also, the average time of the sale is longer than cash home sales.

Bad ways to “sell a house quickly.”

If you’re wondering why you still haven’t been able to sell your home quickly, chances are you’re engaging in malpractice that is slowing down the process of selling your home.

Overpricing your home

Unless the house has a high value, any interested buyer will negotiate its price before acquiring it. Sellers know this, so when they put the house on the market, they try to overvalue its worth to have a negotiation margin to lower the cost later.

This overvaluation, up to 20% above the actual market price, will only delay the sale since adjusting the price to reality will be necessary.

Therefore, we must establish a starting selling price as realistic and close to the market price. There is nothing better than to turn to real estate experts who know how similar homes are selling in the area and learn how to set a fair price for the property.


Auctions create urgency around a sale and spread the word to a new group of potential buyers. This is true for upscale and exclusive homes, which have a small pool of potential buyers from the start. However, if your home doesn’t have any attributes that make it unique, chances are buyers will undervalue its price, and they will want to pay less.

For Sale by Owner (FBOS)

Without access to a valuation tool and the internal market data that a real estate agent has, you can’t know the right price for your home. That can mean either that you price it too high and don’t get it sold or that you price it too low and earn less money than you should.

In addition, the buyer may have an agent working for them, who will undoubtedly know how to get the best price for their client.

Also, suppose you don’t know the marketing techniques necessary to advertise your house. In that case, you don’t know how to take pictures to highlight its virtues, and you don’t have the network of contacts of a real estate agent. As a result, very few people will know that your house is for sale.

On the other hand, an agent will know how to tell you what small details to correct to sell your house better, getting the sale much faster and with a better price.

We can all solve our problems, but, many times, solving them requires such dedication and knowledge that we want to do things right. So, there is no other option but to hire a professional.

Homeowner Tips on How to Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a house is not as easy as many may think. It is quite a profession. When selling a home, we must take into account certain important aspects to achieve a successful sale.

It may seem evident that the keys when a person wants to sell a house fast are the price and how it is presented. However, these two issues encompass a series of tips that can be useful to sell your home quickly.

Declutter — Free up space in your home

As far as possible, visitors want to see the space, the amplitude, the distribution, the luminosity or aspects of the house, and the constructive elements, so we must divert their attention from other parts that may interfere in this sense: clear rooms, especially of large pieces of furniture, stuffed animals and pieces without relevance, personal photographs, details with religious or political connotations.

To condition your home with small arrangements that add value or, at least, do not detract from it. Even though a house may require renovation, some details should be taken care of. That should not represent an excellent economic investment. However, they could be essential in the sale of your home and the negotiation of the price.

Likewise, it is essential to take care of the lighting and avoid curtains of excellent opacity, open the blinds well, and not skimp in the lighting of lights and lamps, replacing the fused bulbs or lamps out of use.

It is necessary to work on a decoration that transmits harmony and a comfortable atmosphere attractive to potential buyers. Everything will depend if the house is for sale in our current apartment or if it is an empty house, which we will have to try to resort to techniques of the real estate market as the “home staging,” which consists of the staging of a house for sale, the environment is prepared for its demonstration. The space should be depersonalized, removing very personal items before the exhibition, such as photos and pictures; that’s an excellent way to get a neutral sample that highlights the spaces with which the property has and its general characteristics, since, in the end, it is what may interest the potential buyer.

Do cleaning or hire a cleaning

It may seem obvious, but it is not. It is essential that the house is clean and tidy (no clothes on the floor, toys scattered or oil splashed on the ceramic, apply oil to worn furniture) and takes care of some issues such as odors with air fresheners are small details that add up.

In the bathrooms, as far as possible, fold towels and try to remove bottles and accessories that invade the space, and open shower curtains to provide different amplitude to the area.

It is essential to perform a thorough cleaning to prepare the house before being exhibited to potential buyers, particularly in bathrooms and the kitchen. It is also important to ventilate the spaces and use resources such as air fresheners or flowers so that the house has a pleasant smell. Order and organization cannot be missing. Removing unusable items will help to give a positive, balanced, and more spacious image. To help us with this task, we can hire a specialized professional service or a cleaning company.

Improve your garden area

Potential buyers visiting your home take their first impression from the exterior condition and especially the garden. However, the exterior of our home is often overlooked in preparation for the selling process. An attractive, well-maintained yard can add up to 10 percent to the value of your home.

Taking care of the access to the house in single-family homes is relevant, as a first impression can significantly influence how the buyer accesses the visit.

Taking care of the exterior garden, cleaning the access stairs, the lighting or the mere fact of painting the outer door or modernizing the doormat are small details that can have a significant impact.

Ideally, it would be best to start cleaning your yard a month before receiving buyer visits. That will give you plenty of time to achieve excellent results. Then, follow these tips to spruce up your yard, which will help you sell your home faster.

If you have pots and planters in your yard that are already deteriorated by time or that don’t look as good as they should, take the time to clean them up, clean them and improve their appearance, or replace them with new ones.

Regardless of the season, both our trees and shrubs should be well pruned and free of dry leaves or branches, as this will produce a negative thought in our potential buyers.

Similarly, get rid of any visible algae, remove leaves from your ponds to keep the water looking crystal clear. After all, a water feature that doesn’t look well kept or doesn’t function properly can be a deterrent to anyone who wants to buy your home.

So how to fast sell a house?

To sell a house fast is probably one of the essential processes in our lives. However, it requires an investment in time and learning that you must follow. If you want to sell your house fast, you must consider many factors to do it quickly.

Repair what is necessary

Undoubtedly, this is an essential aspect because everything that your buyers see that needs repair will be a reason to lower the selling price with a counteroffer.

You can make a drastic change in the appearance of your home and even increase its market value just by renovating strategic finishes, such as the appearance of the kitchen counter, the bathroom fixtures, or the windows in the main areas.

For the floors, opt for ceramic tiles; options in wood or rustic stone will give a modern and sophisticated look to your spaces. For the color of the walls, use neutral or bright tones that make the areas look more spacious and illuminated.

Improve the facade of the house

One of the essential tips on how to sell a house fast is to pay attention to the facade. The exterior will always be what invites you to get to know the interior of the property.

Achieving a more exciting facade while taking care of your budget is easier than you think. First, you only need to renew the color of the walls. We recommend you do it with exterior paints that also have waterproofing properties. Likewise, try to opt for colors that give it more life, such as yellow and mint, or use neutral colors to give it a more elegant and sophisticated finish.

Use different media to promote the house

There is no way to sell a house fast if you don’t promote it properly. For example, a “For Sale” sign probably won’t be enough to capture the attention of buyers. So instead, if you want to sell your house fast, consider using tools such as social networks or specialized internet portals to advertise your sale.

In your ad, you should include a description of the features, spaces, number of bathrooms, location, and everything that stands out to make your offer more attractive. Use keywords such as cozy, spacious, central, etcetera.

Remember to include photographs with good resolution of the main spaces of your home and take into account details such as cleanliness and presentation of the place when taking the picture. Ideally, the first image should be of the exterior facade; then show interiors such as living room, dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms and finish with spaces such as gardens, views, balconies, or even nearby parks. Don’t forget to highlight in these photographs the most attractive aspects of your home.

Set a fair price

Establishing a fair price for your property is vital to guarantee a quick sale. However, suppose you don’t know the accurate cost of your property. In that case, you can get an opinion of value from a real estate professional or even a real estate appraisal.

The prices of houses vary a lot. They can have similar characteristics and still have very different prices, but this does not mean that one is expensive. Another cheap, it is simply a matter of knowing if the price is fair and adequate according to each house’s different characteristics.

Offering a fair price for your property will allow you to attract potential buyers more easily. On the other hand, an inflated cost will scare off investors and make them choose other similar properties that are less expensive. At the other extreme, a meager asking price may raise suspicions among investors, who may fear a real estate scam or a property in disrepair.

Hire a real estate professional

Suppose you do not have experience in the real estate market or have free time to invest in the selling process. In that case, you should consider hiring the services of a real estate agency in Houston. This way, you won’t have to worry about figuring out how to sell a house fast because your consultant will have everything under control.

The real estate agent can offer you great benefits and valuable tools, significantly speeding up the buying process. Among these qualities is having a portfolio of clients where your potential buyers can be found and help you establish a fair price according to the market price.

Likewise, relying on a real estate advisor that guarantees the quality of the management and the process transmits security to both parties involved in the purchase and sale operation. On the other hand, a good salesperson will know how to “sell” with skills and experience the great qualities of the property and the area: accessibility to public transport, commerce, medical services, etc.

Real estate agencies will ensure visibility and a fabulous presence in digital environments and make advertising investments.

Of course, if you need to sell the house as quickly as possible, going to a real estate agency is one of the best ways to speed up the process. Keep in mind that real estate agencies save you a lot of problems when dealing directly with buyers. They take care of placing ads, have a network of contacts, and show the house without your direct intervention, which will help you sell your home quickly.

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