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Sell my apartment fast is the most requested service in Houston, TX.
A large number of distressed property owners want to get rid of their properties as fast as possible and at a favorable price.
We are one of the best companies in the area.
Why you should choose us:
Answer 3 short questions to get an accurate offer for your house. After Answering the questions, we will give you a $500 coupon for move!
How we are Different

Why Sell Your
Apartment Building To Us?

Purchase Only. The client will get the most money possible for their home because we offer exclusively buying services, not selling real estate.

Additional work. It is proved by practice that making even minor adjustments to the property can increase its value and favorably affect the expansion of potential demand. Our company repairs the apartment complex or other types of work.

Work experience. For over 10 years our qualified team has been helping our clients to sell their properties. Everything happens quickly and at no additional cost to customers. We also provide guarantees.

Quality service in Houston, TX. The company has close ties with banks, lenders, and cash. All this allows us to execute and finalize the transaction within 72 hours. Faster in Houston to sell an apartment would not be realistic.

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We Buy Apartments Fast in the Following Situations

Christian House Buyers is the solution to your problems in Houston, TX. Contact us if you want to sell an apartment building fast in the Houston area as quickly as possible, if you do not have time to search for buyers and prepare documents on your own, or if you are a first-time buyer and do not want to understand the details of the sale.


There are legal consequences for every customer who does not pay the loan on time. It is impossible to sell an apartment complex with such a problem. However, we know how you can get out of this situation. Talk to our experts, and we will be able to buy your house.


Divorces are very often about division and fighting over property. Not everyone can financially or mentally handle it. You can put your investment in Houston, TX to good use with our help by getting cash for selling your home.


Repairs can drive up the price of a property, and many people ask themselves, how do I sell my apartment for the best price? If you contact us, we can help.


If you don't want to stay in the city any longer and you want to move fast, we can help you. Due to the high speed of all paperwork, the client will receive the cash on the same day and will be able to move. We can also help with moving.


Debts can negatively affect you and can have negative consequences. If you let us buy your home, we can get you out of these problems fast.


Are you experiencing delinquencies and new problems because of your mortgage? Contact our company in Houston, TX, and we will buy your home even in this condition.


Don’t you need the property you inherited? Want to quickly get rid of it and get cash? Is it not lazy to deal with the documents? We can help you with that.

Customers reviews

	 Fort Worth Apartments
Fort Worth Apartments
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The team at Christian home buyers is honest, and forthcoming with complete transparency when it comes to there personal character which in turn reflects greatly on their business of being one of Houston’s home buyers.
Nicholas Stessel
Nicholas Stessel
Read More
Working with Ben and Angel at Christian House Buyers has been very pleasant! Both are transparent and were able to help make the transaction very smooth. They define good Christian morals! I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to sell their home for a fair cash offer.
Matt Leleaux
Read More
These guys are wonderful to work with. They made the process easy and fluid from start to finish. They went out of their way to make sure I got a great deal and that everything went smoothly. If there were 10 stars to give they would get it! Ben and Max treat their clients with respect and kindness. They are truely upstanding guys and wonderful to do business with!
Olga Artyshchuk
Olga Artyshchuk
Read More
Had a pleasure working with the Christian House Buyers recently. I had to sell my house but it was not in the best condition. I had a meeting with the realtor and understood that had to do so much work and repairs to get a fair price on the market. I saw Cristian House Buyers online and contacted them right away, they offered fast closing for cash, in the condition it is right now, no repairs needed. I wanted to try, and our transaction went amazing! Responsive, serious and really fast. I’m happy now in the my new condo which one I was able to buy with the funds I received from from the sale. Thank you, Christian House Buyers!
Michael Razmyslov
Read More
Heard their ad on the radio and figured I give them a shot. Had to sell a home under difficult circumstances and Christian house buyers was very responsive and professional. They said we can close within 30 days it was less than that. Very quick transaction. These guys are the best at what they do.
	Mitch Lewis
Mitch Lewis
Read More
Before working with Christian house buyers I was just really unsure of my options and some agents told me I might not even be able to sell because I have only owned my property for 2 years. I didn’t want to come out of pocket just to sell my house. They came up with a solution and bought my property as is while explaining the pros and cons of my situation in a way I could understand without a hard sell or being aggressive.
Andrew Zuev
Andrew Zuev
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Great experience working with Christian House Buyers! They helped us after winter storm in Houston. Our home was ruined, my family and I were so stressed out while waiting for the insurance to respond. But we had a pleasure meeting good people who gave us fast money for our ruined home. I could never sell my home in Houston so fast for cash, condition as is, but this time was so smooth. We didn’t even pay a closing fee. It was best decision for my family to work with Christian Home Buyers.
Bruce Cuddy
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After getting the runaround and improper expectations from another house buyer for a total of 60 days we were so glad Ben was able to help us get our townhouse sold and moved on in 1 week as simple as possible.

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The Benefits Of Working With Us

We offer one-of-a-kind services you can't find anywhere else. We're leaders in Houston in our field, and we're constantly evolving our service. Buying your home fast and at a fair price is a priority for us. No problems with your credit, repairs or other issues will ever bother you. Getting cash fast is all you'll ever be busy with.

We do this by guaranteeing a seamless process that doesn’t involve a million steps and lots of legal loops! We just fair pay cash for your House. If you’re not sure how to sell your house fast for top dollar, don’t hesitate to talk to us!
Other Benefits Include:
No Closing Costs

We don’t charge you additional costs for closing the sale. 

No Commissions
We don’t require commissions fees, saving you the time and money of hiring a realtor.
No Inspection Fees
If we inspect your home, we won’t expect you to pay those fees.
No Repair Fees
You aren’t required to take care of any repairs before the sale.
Fast & Simple Process
Our selling process is uncomplicated and moves very quickly.
We buy houses as is
We will buy your house in the exact condition it’s currently in.
Close On Time
We commit to a closing date, and we stick to it!

How Does It Work?

Here’s a breakdown of our simple process.


Put Your Property Forward

We don’t charge you additional costs for closing the sale.

Book An Appointment

If we like what we see, we’ll be in touch to book a showing of the house so that we can come take a look.

Take Our

We will present you with a fair cash offer and, once you accept, we’ll move onto the contract and specify a date for the closing of the deal.

Your Cash

The closing date is when the deal is formally concluded. Within a couple of days, you will receive your money.
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Just Four Steps For Fast Cash In Your Pocket!

How Do Traditional Home Sales Compare
With A Fast Buyout Anyway?

The difference is simple. We give you a fast process that delivers without the costs or fees of traditional sales.
Just take a look at all the factors:

Selling with
Christian House Buyers
Average days to close transaction

50-60 days

Commissions / Fees

6% on average is paid by you, the seller

Who Pays Closing Costs?

2-3% on average is paid by you, the seller

Appraisal Needed

Yes, the sale is often subject to appraisal

Number of Showings


Who Pays For Repairs?

Negotiated During Inspection Period

Move out day

Day of closing

It’s Clear Which Option Is Superior, So What Are You Waiting For?

Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers you need!

The entire process takes between 20 to 30 days based on the conditions of the offer and the status of the title.

We buy your house, and afterwards we may make some repairs to resell it to someone else or turn it into a rental property.

We consider the location, the condition of the property, and the number of repairs that will be required. We also take into account the value of other houses in the area that are in the same condition.
No! We pay all commissions and the closing cost ourselves.
Certainly not. We will look into your property, make you an offer, and if you’re not satisfied – no harm, no foul.
We will pay off your mortgage, taxes, and Home Owner’s Association fees, as well as any other costs that are outstanding.
It’s Clear Which Option Is Superior, So What Are You Waiting For?

Sell Your apartment building fast in Houston At The Best Price

Can I sell my apartment for cash? That’s the question almost every distressed Houston homeowner asks. Christian House Buyers know the answer. We are not stopped by divorce proceedings, liens, poor home conditions, or other factors that slow down the process of selling your home. We are the company that will come quickly, does a quick inspection, and pays the cash price of the house that the client wants.

Our experts have a deep understanding of today’s real estate market, so all the bureaucratic procedures take less time, and the amount paid for the apartment complex is the highest possible amount the client can find. For evidence of this, you can read reviews of our satisfied customers.

Probably one of the most important steps about timing and cost of the sale. The price should be realistic and in line with current market conditions. If the price expectations are too high – it takes time to realize the real value of the property and reduce the price to market acceptance. And in this, we are the best, no one offers the same price for a problematic home as we are.

The speed of the sale depends largely on the promotion of the offer on the market. And what better way to do that than with well-thought-out advertising? You don’t need to do that because we will buy your apartment complex without it.

Our team

CEO Christian House Buyers in Houston
Ben Naumann has been a well known figure in the real estate investing space in Houston TX for years. Starting as a realtor Ben did not like the one size fits all approach and has always brought creative solutions to the table that are less traditional. He saw agents assume what was best for a home seller without talking to them about their goals and really understanding what they wanted to do and that is what drove him to the investing space to solve problems for the 6-9% of the market that does not want to go the traditional real estate route and wants other options. Ben has done everything from townhouses, land, residential houses, to commercial deals but just loves working with sellers that are appreciative of a fair deal, great communication, and our problem solving. Ben still has sellers that come to his real estate investing meetups now in Houston and are friends with him.
Max Khalus
Solutions specialist
Ryan Dixon
Solutions specialist
Angel Navarro
Solutions specialist

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