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Christian House Buyers is the answer to all your problems! Why keep experiencing the stress of late payments or face the prospect of foreclosure? If you know you’re struggling, you can easily sell your house for cash in Houston.

Our team of real estate professionals are devoted to serving others and providing multiple solutions to home sellers in the greater Houston TX area.

We have a Rule here where we always tell the seller their other options no matter what is best for ourselves. It is our duty and obligation to educate sellers on the options that they have.

If you are considering selling your property as hassle free as possible please reach out to us for a fair offer on your property immediately, we buy houses fast and no stress.

Our team

CEO Christian House Buyers in Houston

Ben Naumann has been a well known figure in the real estate investing space in Houston TX for years. Starting as a realtor Ben did not like the one size fits all approach and has always brought creative solutions to the table that are less traditional. He saw agents assume what was best for a home seller without talking to them about their goals and really understanding what they wanted to do and that is what drove him to the investing space to solve problems for the 6-9% of the market that does not want to go the traditional real estate route and wants other options.

Ben has done everything from townhouses, land, residential houses, to commercial deals but just loves working with sellers that are appreciative of a fair deal, great communication, and our problem solving. Ben still has sellers that come to his real estate investing meetups now in Houston and are friends with him.

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