How to sell a condo fast in Houston?

Ben Naumann

Ben Naumann

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There are many cities across the world where you will find the condo resale market to be quite strong, which makes the condo owners think about how to sell a condo fast and look to take advantage of those markets that are strong in selling. Although the condo lifestyle is appealing to a number of people, there is still a possibility that one might be interested to sell condo fast. There can be many reasons that you consider selling it quickly, including changes in lifestyle, repair or damage problems, and many more.

It is essential to know that there might be some critical differences between selling a condo and a house in Houston, Florida, and many other areas of the US. There is no doubt that condos have their own unique appeals, but some challenges will entice specific buyers more than others. One can always avoid the uncertainty and hassles of the open market by selling the condo to the cash buyer. However, if you plan to go with a sale on the market, you will need to take the proper steps to sell a condo fast, especially in Houston.

How difficult is it to sell a condo than a house?

For those who would like to have a low-maintenance home, condos can be the best choice. There are many new complexes that offer a number of amenities like concierge services, gyms, pool areas, and covered parking. For many buyers, condo living is a smart option for many price points.

When it is about how to sell condo quickly, a number of owners have a few concerns, especially when it is about resale. Many people ask their real estate agents whether or not selling a condo is difficult as compared to a house. As with a number of things, the reality is it depends.

First of all, a condo is as good as a Homeowners Association or HOA. Usually, they charge a monthly fee for each unit for being a part of this association. This covers the insurance policy of the building, maintenance for the exterior and the common areas, trash removal, and numerous other building amenities. This fee also covers the monthly utilities like electricity and water.

The majority of buyers consider a monthly fee when they decide on the property they need to buy. It may be a little challenging to sell a condo in a building that has a higher HOA fee. Although many buyers consider the low fee to be the best deal, it is also necessary that HOA has enough funds so that the property can keep up.

There are times when the association doesn’t have enough reserves, and if any significant expense happens to arise, a special assessment is authorized by the association. This means that each condo owner has to pay a specific amount that is required to raise the money for any repairs. When you are selling a condo, then a person who will purchase a condo may likely get a loan. The lender will review the HOA documents, and this makes all of the numbers very important.

What difficulties arise when selling an apartment?


There can be a few factors that might affect the value of a condo when you plan to sell it, and you should be considering a number of things when purchasing one. The most crucial step is to choose a condo in an area with good demand, and it will be better to go for a position that appeals to a broad demographic; this can be very useful if you want to sell condo fast.

The building that you live in must be close to shopping, dining, transit without being in any dangerous neighborhood. You will notice that the condos in your chosen location are significantly lower priced as compared to single-family homes. This will also make sure that they have commercial appeal.

The location of your condo within your building has equal importance. Generally, if the unit is higher, it will be considered better. There is an exception that if the condo lies in a walk-up building, the upper floors are less popular. The units next to the elevator are considered the least favorite ones, as they may be suffering from extra activity and noise from different people who come and go day and night.

When you have more, this never means that it is better, and in the case of the amenities in the building, it is always true. You may have to add additional dollars to the Housing Association fees for each communal extra in the building. The facilities need to be considered in the context of the potential buyers. For instance, elevators are essential, but their maintenance cost is a lot more than the staircases. However, if there are active residents in the building and it is not very high, then an elevator is considered to be a luxury.

There is a general rule that your condo will look more appealing today, if it has more bedrooms. Although you must have the information that each of the bedrooms is legally known to be a bedroom, you are not actually going for a three-bedroom condo with a single bedroom with a window bay and a huge closet. It would be constructive for you to make sure that each of the condos has a usable floor plan through which the available space can be maximized. A lot of space can be eaten up by the bonus rooms and walk-in closets, and this can mar the livability value.

Five simple tips on how to prepare the condo for sale fast

If you are planning a condo, then there is a lot that you need to keep track of. You would always want to sell your condo apart from other people in the market and try to attract more buyers; therefore, it is vital that you have proper planning for that. The following are the five best-selling tips to make sure that your property sells fast and for a good amount of cash.

Your condo should stand out from others

When selling your condo, it is essential for you to make sure that the price you set will be right the first time. The first week will be crucial as it will be an excellent opportunity for the most traction on the listing. Therefore, if your price is too high right from the start, then it is pretty likely that you will be losing an opportunity to an able and willing buyer. You can also review all the comparables for the active as well as the sold properties with your real estate agent. You can easily compare your home with others in the area, and this way, you are able to determine the best strategy.

Understand your audience

When more people see your place, there are chances that you will be receiving more offers. You must understand the audience and try to be accommodating with the showings. Having an open house on Saturdays and Sundays is a great strategy because this is the time when different buyers are expected to be out looking for homes. This means that your exposure will increase if you understand what your buyers expect and you act according to their needs.

Learn all HOA rules

Homeowners Association or HOA rules, regulations, fees, and potential regulations are the significant difference between selling a condo and a family home. It is doubtful that HOA will be involved when you sell a single-family home, but the condo owners are entirely aware of the homeowner associations, but it never means that the potential buyers are also aware of it.

It is necessary for you to be completely aware of all the homeowner association’s rules, fees, and regulations. You need to gather the HOA documents before you list the condo for sale, which will save you a lot of time in the future.

Set the right price

Many people are aware that Houston has affordable properties; therefore, you need to keep the pricing right and fixed so that the property can sell quickly. If, as a seller, you are asking for too much, then there are chances that the buyer may lose interest in buying the property. Therefore, it is ideal for putting the honest and best price for your property in order to attract buyers. You also need to be flexible and open to any negotiations. If you don’t do that, you will have to wait for quite a long time until any genuine buyer shows interest.

Consider fast home buyers

You can have a number of benefits if you sell your condo to an investor who would like to use it as a vacation property, rental, or flip the property as a cash buyer. This way, you don’t need to get worried about marketing your condo, repairs, or any upgrades. When selling to these fast home buyers, the sale process gets faster, and the best thing is that it also covers all your closing costs, thus saving you time as well as money.

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