Selling a House That Needs a New Roof

Ben Naumann

Ben Naumann

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Nowadays, people are busy with their lives, and as buyers, they would want to move-in-ready homes. Having fewer skills to do everything themselves, busy schedules as compared to the previous generations, and the rising costs of labor and building materials, the buyers would love to purchase homes that don’t require any work. Therefore, this may not be good news for the ones who are selling a house that needs a new roof or the roof that needs significant repairs.

Fortunately, one needs to understand that not every homeowner who happens to face a common roofing problem has to replace roof before selling. It can be slightly tricky to sell a house that needs newer roofing, but one has to figure out things fast and resolve the issue as soon as possible so that the house can be sold at the price that they desire.

Do you need to replace the roof to sell your house?

It is never cheap to fix a roof in disrepair, but it may not make much difference if you plan to sell a house with a damaged roof. If you would like to find out, can you sell a house that needs a new roof, then there are a few steps that will help you to determine whether you should replace one before selling the house?

Understand the extent of damage

The primary step for you before selling home is to determine whether there is any damage to the roof or not. There are times when you find out that the damage is apparent, but on the other hand, there is a chance that you might be missing something when inspecting from a distance.

Using a trusted surveyor or a professional capable of doing a thorough inspection is among the best ways to determine the extent of the damage. Through this person, you will be able to know more about the potential problems in the roofing systems. This individual will guide you about any deficiencies or other issues you may have missed during visual inspection.

Get a price for repairing

If you find the roof to be damaged, then the next step for you is to find out how much the cost of replacement or repair will be. It is better to visit the trusted sources in the area and get a few estimates before selling your house because the number of roofing contractors may be different. The average replacement costs or repairing costs vary, but in general, you can expect to see the number in thousands of dollars.

Makeup your mind whether replacing the roof is worth it or not

When you are able to determine the extent of damage or see how much it costs you to repair or replace the roof, then you need to finalize whether you are actually going to replace it or not. Although some people prefer to go for the repairs option, it all depends on how massive and obvious is the damage to the roof.

When to change the roof and when to sell the house as it is?

It can indeed be costly and difficult to sell a house that needs a new roof; therefore, you may have a few options left: repair the roof, replace it, or make the home sold as-is. It can be pretty hard to sell a house needing repair because damaged residential roofs can make or break a deal. If you want to make a deal, you make it a priority to find a way to handle the escalating stress.

Changing the roof

There are chances that you must have waited for repairs before selling your home, and after the visit of the home inspectors, you find out that the damage has got worst, then it is time to have a new one. You have to keep in mind that changing the roof has its own benefits. After replacing, you will be having a good chance of staying dry and warm even if there is a bad storm.

Another advantage of replacing the roof is that it will obviously be quite appealing to the potential buyers because it is the demand of the majority of buyers to have a move-in ready house. Therefore, the interested buyers are likely to give you a fair offer. If you have struggled to pay for the repairs in the past, it will not be possible for you to change it because there cannot be a guarantee that it will cover the repairing or roofing replacements cost when you sell the house.

Sell the home as-is

It is quite possible that the work may not have been done at a fast speed to fit the time frame in which the house is required to sell, as you may not have the funds to replace or repair the roof. Therefore, there is no guarantee that you can make money once the house gets sold. For you, a significant relief might be to get out of the home that causes a lot of stress for you and your family.

When such a case arises, the best option for you is to sell the home as-is. This may not be obvious when you read that most buyers go for houses with decent roofs. Although it may not sound easy, there are potential buyers and investors who are willing to buy homes in such conditions. So, with such a reputable buyer, you will not be required to perform any major repairs and clean up the place or organize things.

How can you sell a home with a bad roof?

Although a bad roof may not be the worst thing that would have happened to your home, there is no doubt that your roof’s general condition can affect the value of your home at the time of sale. There might be other problems to your home that make it look old, but a bad roof obviously portrays itself as an old one, no matter the market conditions.

It may look old because of the number of years that it has existed, the negligence in terms of maintenance, or the materials used in the roof were not of that high quality, but it is worth noting that a bad roof is always a bad one. The following tips can surely be helpful for you in helping to prepare a home with a bad roof.

Keeping the roof maintained

Even if you have a flawed or damaged roof, it still deserves to look better and stay protected. Instead of going for a new roof, you can clean it by clearing off any debris or branches and clean any gutters so that the water can drain. Other than that, you can assess the moisture levels on a regular basis, check ventilation and other vital factors in the longevity of your roof.

Get the right agent

When you finalize a plan to sell the home with a bad roof or need some guidance on whether or not to go for repairing the roof, you can certainly get help from the real estate agent in this matter. Although you will find a number of realtors out there, still, it is always a good idea to secure a knowledgeable agent who is motivated and is committed to selling your home at the right price.

How much does it cost to repair a bad roof?

There are different types of roofs which include metal roofs, asphalt, and slate tile roofs, and if you run into roof problems, there could be a variety of reasons, which include age, wind, and storms, snow, a poor installation by inexperienced contractors, high temperatures as well as snow and storms. Leakage is among the most common issues of a bad roof, and it could stem from broken shingles or cracked flashing. Different signs of leakage, which include damp walls or discolored ceilings, will make you understand that you have a roof problem. Pooling water on the roof is another indicator of a bad roof, and this can be a great worry if you have a flat roof, as the potential buyer can see it in home inspection.

The repair cost of a roof can vary widely, as it is based on the severity of the damage as well as different materials used. If it is noticeable damage inside a home, it will obviously affect the potential selling price because the repair cost will be inside and outside the home. If you have a bad roof, this means that there is damage in the attic, insulation, sheet stock, and you may even have electrical problems.

If you don’t address this problem in a timely way, then it will undoubtedly run through the light fixtures and walls, thus causing more issues for you. If your home is in great need of a new roof, then this cost can go up even more. Contacting a roofing professional or using an online cost estimate can give you a complete idea of how much money will be required to repair a bad roof if you sell your home.

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Ben Naumann

Selling a House That Needs a New Roof

Nowadays, people are busy with their lives, and as buyers, they would want to move-in-ready homes. Having fewer skills to do everything themselves, busy schedules

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