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Denis Dolgov

House in Mission Bend

We are very thankful to be able to make it to your work with seller Nadine here who is actually a realtor she had tried

Denis Dolgov

Locust Grove in Houston TX 77095

Christian house buyers was able to purchase this property from seller Darcy who had a hundred and Locust Grove in Houston for a long amount

Denis Dolgov

Wood Mist Dr Houston 77013

Thomas the seller wanted a fair offer on his property and got a couple offers after getting the offers he wanted to go with ours

Denis Dolgov

Mike Tomball TX

We got the pleasure of actually purchasing this from another investor it was it was his pride was his primary residence and he had a

Denis Dolgov

Briarcreek in Spring TX

We were very glad to help out the seller here with her property on Brier Creek and I’m spring the seller actually was a very

Denis Dolgov

Clear Lake 77062

So we were very happy to work with this family here, who would own the property for a very long time their property here in

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