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Why Need to Sell
Mobile House ?

Many Americans, especially young people, don’t mind living in Mobile Homes. In addition, they romanticize this way of life, planning to leave for an indefinite trip across the country after a few years of office work. Others, on the other hand, take off their wheels and turn the motor home into a stationary dwelling. Small communes, small townships, and even entire cities grow out of these. However, things are not so rosy when it comes to the sale of Mobile Homes in Houston. It turns out there are a lot of complexities.
For many people today, the issue of selling a Mobile Home is a particularly pressing and pressing one. Real estate prices are skyrocketing, and many are forced to put off buying/selling their own homes until better times. An alternative solution in such cases could be Christian House Buyers. The company does everything to quickly and easily solve the problem of selling Mobile Homes. The cost of selling Christian House Buyers homes is the best value for most customers.

Do You Need To Sell
Your Mobile House Fast?

If you have leveled the price compared to other similar properties on the market, but buyers are still not interested in your Mobile House, your property may have some characteristics that make it different from other standard properties. Such “unique” properties like Mobile House require a little more time to sell.
Such “unique” properties include not only Mobile House but also very large houses, high-end apartments at high prices, houses in non-standard locations, and simply properties with unusual renovations or individual characteristics that differ from standard properties. A prime example of the challenges that can prevent a home from selling is an unauthorized floor plan or placement right above a convenience store/café. In addition, not everyone may like the author’s renovation. For example, an interior with a lot of decorative elements in gold, a kitchen in red and black colors, or a bathroom outside.
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in 15 Minutes

Reasons to Sell My Mobile Home Now

Are you moving? Do you owe more on your mortgage than your mobile home is worth? Are you selling because you need to reduce your living space? Whatever the reason, it’s important to understand why you’re selling so you can set the right expectations with potential buyers. Having a clear understanding of what you want and need from the sale will reduce your stress, ensure that you get as much money as possible, and prevent you from making rash decisions that could hurt you in the future.


Some mobile homes are located in mobile home parks. If the quality of the park deteriorates or the neighbors become intolerable, selling the house becomes attractive.

Divorce & Job Loss

Job loss or divorce creates financial hardship that leads to an inability to pay your mortgage.

Land is losing value

Some mobile homes are located in mobile home parks. If the quality of the park deteriorates or the neighbors become intolerable, selling the house becomes attractive.

Tired of renting out a mobile home

The house is rented out, and finding tenants and repairs becomes tedious.

inherit houses

People inherit houses that they don't want to rent or live in. They prefer to get rid of them quickly and get their money.


Whatever the catalyst for the sale, the person wanting to get rid of the trailer needs a buyer. In particular, you need mobile home buyers because many people want to buy manufactured homes, but not all of them want a "trailer."

Fast Need Money

Unexpected and exorbitant medical bills must be paid; selling your home can relieve you of these debts.

Customers reviews

	 Fort Worth Apartments
Fort Worth Apartments
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The team at Christian home buyers is honest, and forthcoming with complete transparency when it comes to there personal character which in turn reflects greatly on their business of being one of Houston’s home buyers.
Nicholas Stessel
Nicholas Stessel
Read More
Working with Ben and Angel at Christian House Buyers has been very pleasant! Both are transparent and were able to help make the transaction very smooth. They define good Christian morals! I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to sell their home for a fair cash offer.
Matt Leleaux
Read More
These guys are wonderful to work with. They made the process easy and fluid from start to finish. They went out of their way to make sure I got a great deal and that everything went smoothly. If there were 10 stars to give they would get it! Ben and Max treat their clients with respect and kindness. They are truely upstanding guys and wonderful to do business with!
Olga Artyshchuk
Olga Artyshchuk
Read More
Had a pleasure working with the Christian House Buyers recently. I had to sell my house but it was not in the best condition. I had a meeting with the realtor and understood that had to do so much work and repairs to get a fair price on the market. I saw Cristian House Buyers online and contacted them right away, they offered fast closing for cash, in the condition it is right now, no repairs needed. I wanted to try, and our transaction went amazing! Responsive, serious and really fast. I’m happy now in the my new condo which one I was able to buy with the funds I received from from the sale. Thank you, Christian House Buyers!
Michael Razmyslov
Read More
Heard their ad on the radio and figured I give them a shot. Had to sell a home under difficult circumstances and Christian house buyers was very responsive and professional. They said we can close within 30 days it was less than that. Very quick transaction. These guys are the best at what they do.
	Mitch Lewis
Mitch Lewis
Read More
Before working with Christian house buyers I was just really unsure of my options and some agents told me I might not even be able to sell because I have only owned my property for 2 years. I didn’t want to come out of pocket just to sell my house. They came up with a solution and bought my property as is while explaining the pros and cons of my situation in a way I could understand without a hard sell or being aggressive.
Andrew Zuev
Andrew Zuev
Read More
Great experience working with Christian House Buyers! They helped us after winter storm in Houston. Our home was ruined, my family and I were so stressed out while waiting for the insurance to respond. But we had a pleasure meeting good people who gave us fast money for our ruined home. I could never sell my home in Houston so fast for cash, condition as is, but this time was so smooth. We didn’t even pay a closing fee. It was best decision for my family to work with Christian Home Buyers.
Bruce Cuddy
Read More
After getting the runaround and improper expectations from another house buyer for a total of 60 days we were so glad Ben was able to help us get our townhouse sold and moved on in 1 week as simple as possible.

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Sell a Mobile Home Fast
Without a Realtor

Hiring a Realtor makes sense if you want to sell your home as quickly as possible. You do not have time to search for buyers and prepare documents. And if this is your first time buying or selling real estate and you do not want to understand the details. However, keep in mind that the services of a realtor are not free. The more expensive the property, the more you will pay for support of the sale: the agent will be at least 3% of the transaction amount, and if the house is in the country – the Commission may increase it to 6-10%.
Carrying out a deal to sell the Mobile House can be done independently. It will require a little more time, but it will save money. This option will be no less reliable if you are willing to personally study all the details of the process. The best option would be to choose Christian House Buyers.
Christian House Buyers’ team of real estate professionals is dedicated to serving others and providing many solutions for home sellers in the greater Houston, TX area. Neither a Realtor nor yourself can sell your property, especially a Mobile Home, faster and more financially profitable than if you use our company’s services.
Get the Cash Offer
in 15 Minutes

We Buy Mobile Homes on Land

To find a buyer, you have to use every method possible to promote your home listing. Place your ads on relevant sites. To stand out among similar ads, you'll have to use high-quality photos of your home. You need to write in detail but on the case. Not everyone can do this and has the time to do it. The peculiarity of mobile homes is that their sale does not work the same way as with an ordinary apartment or house. Standard approaches do not work here. Christian House Buyers is happy to help clients not engage in unnecessary activity.

Sell Your Home Without Land

To sell your mobile home without land, you will need to follow some legal procedures. Very often, it is the bureaucratic costs that prevent you from selling your property quickly and profitably. These processes usually include:
For a quick and profitable Home Without Land sale, you should contact Christian House Buyers. If you want to sell your property without the hassle, you should contact the managers of the company right away. Clients receive a fair offer on their properties in the shortest time possible. Christian House Buyers buy houses fast and stress-free.
Sell My Mobile Home on Land
Other Benefits Include:
No Closing Costs
We don’t charge you additional costs for closing the sale.
No Commissions
We don’t require commissions fees, saving you the time and money of hiring a realtor.
No Inspection Fees
If we inspect your home, we won’t expect you to pay those fees.
No Repair Fees
You aren’t required to take care of any repairs before the sale.
Fast & Simple Process

Our selling process is uncomplicated and moves very quickly.

We buy houses as is
We will buy your house in the exact condition it’s currently in.
Close On Time
We commit to a closing date, and we stick to it!

How Does It Work?

Here’s a breakdown of our simple process.


Put Your Property Forward

We don’t charge you additional costs for closing the sale.

Book An Appointment

If we like what we see, we’ll be in touch to book a showing of the house so that we can come take a look.

Take Our

We will present you with a fair cash offer and, once you accept, we’ll move onto the contract and specify a date for the closing of the deal.

Your Cash

The closing date is when the deal is formally concluded. Within a couple of days, you will receive your money.
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Just Four Steps For Fast Cash In Your Pocket!

How Do Traditional Home Sales Compare
With A Fast Buyout Anyway?

The difference is simple. We give you a fast process that delivers without the costs or fees of traditional sales.
Just take a look at all the factors:

Selling with
Christian House Buyers
Average days to close transaction

50-60 days

Commissions / Fees

6% on average is paid by you, the seller

Who Pays Closing Costs?

2-3% on average is paid by you, the seller

Appraisal Needed

Yes, the sale is often subject to appraisal

Number of Showings


Who Pays For Repairs?

Negotiated During Inspection Period

Move out day

Day of closing

It’s Clear Which Option Is Superior, So What Are You Waiting For?

Common Questions
When Selling a Mobile Home For Cash

When you’re selling a home, it’s important to make sure it’s priced correctly. If you price your home too high, it will stay on the market and not sell. On the other hand, pricing it below market value can also reduce your chances of selling. Thus, this is probably the most important step in selling your home. The price you set will determine how long it will take to sell and how long you will be burdened with maintenance, upkeep, and additional property taxes. Use an online pricing tool to get an idea of what similar homes in your area have recently sold for, and make sure you’re not under-or overpricing your home.

A mobile home costs several orders of magnitude less than a conventional home. That is why they are not bought by the wealthiest people. Usually not yet the most educated and exemplary in behavior. However, in Silicon Valley, even such a house costs about $150 – 200 thousand. So, there is no “only shady people around” problem because not everyone can afford a mobile home. Teachers, pensioners, nurses, and generally unproblematic people live in our park. There are special patrols of volunteers who make sure that dubious people don’t come to our park. But if buying such a house in another state, I would be afraid.

Portable structures are a more budget-friendly option than permanent homes, yet the price of mobile homes can vary. It depends on several important characteristics:
  • Area;
  • Floors (when installing mobile modules)
  • The complexity of the layout;
  • Used finishing materials.
The standard and most affordable option is a rectangular-shaped structure, which has two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a hall. Increasing the number of rooms requires more logistical costs, which means the cost of construction will increase.
If you’re planning to put your home on the market soon or have already done so, here are some things you should do to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. It’s easy to get bogged down in all the little details or even all the big ones, but you need to focus on the most important things so that when you finally sell your property, everything will work out just right.

Remember, you can get the best results with the least amount of stress if you entrust this task to professionals. Call Christian House Buyers and make an appointment. Following these steps will save you time and effort and avoid headaches with both the seller and the buyer. You’ll simply get rid of your Mobile Home right away while getting a price that no one else can offer you.
Christian House Buyers – solves all the problems associated with Sell My Mobile Home Quickly for Fast Cash. Why continue to be stressed by overdue payments or face the prospect of foreclosure when you can solve it in just one call and get paid within days? If you know you’re struggling, you can easily sell your home for cash in Houston if you contact Christian House Buyers.

Our team

CEO Christian House Buyers in Houston
Ben Naumann has been a well known figure in the real estate investing space in Houston TX for years. Starting as a realtor Ben did not like the one size fits all approach and has always brought creative solutions to the table that are less traditional. He saw agents assume what was best for a home seller without talking to them about their goals and really understanding what they wanted to do and that is what drove him to the investing space to solve problems for the 6-9% of the market that does not want to go the traditional real estate route and wants other options.

Ben has done everything from townhouses, land, residential houses, to commercial deals but just loves working with sellers that are appreciative of a fair deal, great communication, and our problem solving. Ben still has sellers that come to his real estate investing meetups now in Houston and are friends with him.
Max Khalus
Solutions specialist
Ryan Dixon
Solutions specialist
Angel Navarro
Solutions specialist

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