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Selling a home at Livingston is not as easy as we would like it to be.
Fast to sell a house and get the maximum result in the form of a good amount of money, our company will help. By contacting our real estate agency, you will get rid of most of the hassle associated with selling a house.
How we are Different

Why Sell Your
House To Us?

WE ARE NOT WHOLESALERS, we are direct home buyers which means you will get more money for your property!

We do EVERYTHING IN HOUSE from rehab to property managent. Which is why we can pay more for your property!

Our team has OVER 10 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE helping sellers sell their properties as hassle free as possible in Texas. This is how we can give you a guaranteed offer with 0 contingencies.

We have bank relationships, private lenders, and CASH. This is why we can close in as little as 72 hours from when title company finishes paperwork.

Who Can We Help?

Christian House Buyers has been active in the Texas real estate market for over 10 years. We buy homes in Livingston, TX, and other cities in the greater Houston TX area.

Every day, CHB receives offers to buy a house for cash from our valued customers. We treat every call or email professionally. Anyone wishing to sell a home in Livingston is guaranteed the attention of our staff and adequate analysis of the value of their property for sale. As well as high-speed service. You will receive our cash offer within 15 minutes of calling CHB to sell your home in Livingston, TX.

Years of practice have allowed us to work out a scheme for the sale of property, in which you will receive your cash or bank transfer 72 hours after contacting CHB (subject to pre-prepared documents). If you have to prepare papers, we will take care of all the worries, negotiations, and expenses. In this case, it will take the company 3-to 4 weeks to buy your Livingston home for cash.

Stop torturing yourself with the question "How to quickly sell my house in Livingston, TX?". You have everything to solve it - a phone or a computer to contact us. We will prove that we are a responsible home buyer who closes the deal quickly and without any problems for our clients.

Christian House Buyers  specialize in real estate transactions with Livingston. The need for an urgent sale of real estate arises for various reasons. We will enter into any position of the client and will try as quickly as possible to facilitate the solution of the issue of real estate in the city of Livingston. We buy houses in Livingston.
We consider various options:


Getting behind on your loan payments has serious consequences, and you certainly don’t want to face such a legal nightmare when you can easily get out with one of the best foreclosure options in Texas!


Are you facing a messy divorce with a battle over assets? Make sure you safeguard your investment by getting it back out of your home when you sell your house.

Costly Repairs

Homes quickly become very expensive with all the constant repairs. If you’re wondering how to sell your house fast for top dollar, reach out!


Do you need to sell your house fast because you’re moving away? We can help you! Our process is simple, fast, and effective.

Late Payments

Are you falling behind on your mortgage payments? Get rid of the burden – we are the Houston home buyers!

Inherited/Unwanted Property

If you have inherited a property and would rather have the cash, reach out – we can make it happen.

Owe Liens

If you have a lien on your house, you can avoid further consequences by letting us buy it from you.

Customer reviews in Livingston

Before working with Christian house buyers I was just really unsure of my options and some agents told me I might not even be able to sell because I have only owned my property for 2 years. I didn’t want to come out of pocket just to sell my house. They came up with a solution and bought my property as is while explaining the pros and cons of my situation in a way I could understand without a hard sell or being aggressive.
Ben was able to help me close on my home when everyone else couldn't. I am so blessed that he was able to help me in such a fast way!
Great experience working with Christian House Buyers! They helped us after winter storm in Houston. Our home was ruined, my family and I were so stressed out while waiting for the insurance to respond. But we had a pleasure meeting good people who gave us fast money for our ruined home. I could never sell my home in Houston so fast for cash, condition as is, but this time was so smooth. We didn’t even pay a closing fee. It was best decision for my family to work with Christian Home Buyers.

You can check us out on fast home buyers reviews:

The Benefits Of Working With Us

We go to the address, make an assessment, agree on the conditions with you and buy a home in person at a fair price.

We do this by guaranteeing a seamless process that doesn’t involve a million steps and lots of legal loops! If you’re not sure how to sell your house fast for top dollar, don’t hesitate to talk to us! We will do our best to ensure that the transaction is successful and that each of the parties (the seller and house buyers) receives the maximum result.
Other Benefits Include:
No Closing Costs
We don’t charge you additional costs for closing the sale.
No Commissions
We don’t require commissions fees, saving you the time and money of hiring a realtor.
No Inspection Fees
If we inspect your home, we won’t expect you to pay those fees.
No Repair Fees
You aren’t required to take care of any repairs before the sale.
Fast & Simple Process
Our process is uncomplicated and moves very quickly.
Sell As Is
We will buy your house in the exact condition it’s currently in.
Close On Time
We commit to a closing date, and we stick to it!

How Does It Work?

Here’s a breakdown of our simple process.


Put Your Property Forward

We don’t charge you additional costs for closing the sale.

Book An Appointment

If we like what we see, we’ll be in touch to book a showing of the house so that we can come take a look.

Take Our

We will present you with a fair cash offer and, once you accept, we’ll move onto the contract and specify a date for the closing of the deal.

Your Cash

The closing date is when the deal is formally concluded. Within a couple of days, you will receive your money.
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Just Four Steps For Fast Cash In Your Pocket!

We buy houses in Livingston, TX in Any Condition

This means that we are interested in all offers to sell a house in Livingston. We are not afraid of any problems with the physical condition of housing, or any legal difficulties.

We buy not only ready-to-live-in houses but also with obvious problems:

● in a state of repair, construction in progress, after flooding or fire;

● pledged to the bank;

● with overdue loan payments;

● which are the subject of a dispute between heirs or spouses during a divorce;

● with registered tenants.

We are considering offers to buy a house in Livingston, TX with a large or small garden plot, or without it at all.

CHB is heavily funded through partnerships with banks and private investors. For all owners who want to sell their home in Livingston, we make a great offer for cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers you need!

The entire process takes between 20 to 30 days based on the conditions of the offer and the status of the title.
We buy your house, and afterwards we may make some repairs to resell it to someone else or turn it into a rental property.
We consider the location, the condition of the property, and the number of repairs that will be required. We also take into account the value of other houses in the area that are in the same condition.
No! We pay all commissions and the closing cost ourselves.
Certainly not. We will look into your property, make you an offer, and if you’re not satisfied – no harm, no foul.
We will pay off your mortgage, taxes, and Home Owner’s Association fees, as well as any other costs that are outstanding.
Are there any questions left?
Our process is uncomplicated and moves very quickly.
It’s Clear Which Option Is Superior, So What Are You Waiting For?

History of Livingston, Texas

Mr. Moses Choate is considered the founding father of the city. It was he who bought the plot of land that became the center of the future Livingston in 1835. The settlement was originally named Springfield.

11 years after the formation of Polk County, Moses Choate transferred 100 acres of land to the state. Provided that the center of the new administrative unit will be located on this site. This happened in 1846, the city also received the new name Livingston, by which it is known today.

The economy of the settlement was dominated by agriculture, development proceeded smoothly. 12 years after the renaming of Livingston, the city began to publish its newspaper.

The growth in the number of residential buildings and the population was facilitated by the Houston East and West Texas Railway company that came to the city, as well as some woodworking enterprises that opened.

In 1902, Livingston formed self-government bodies, in 1903 he created a telephone company, 1905 – an electric power station. Another railway appeared in the city – Livingston and Southeastern Railway, and in 1917 – the first highway. The discovery of oil in 1932 also led to the opening of several mining companies and the development of the town.

Now Livingston is home to over 5.3 thousand people on an area of 8.7 square meters miles.

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